From we have created a series of own tokens based on different cryptocurrencies and we have tokenized them. Nemesis tokens are tokens whose net asset value is tokenized and uncorrelated to the market. 

Our tokens are based on 6 concepts: 

When you buy a token of any of the Nemesis Token in MCExchange, you are automatically participating in the different cryptocurrencies that compose it in the percentage that each one represents. 

The token is listed on MCExchange and is bought like any other pair. It is as easy as buying Bitcoins with USDT. 

In order to optimize results, experts study all the existing cryptocurrencies and decide which and in what percentage they participate in each token.

From you can check the token deposited in each of the cryptocurrencies that make up each portfolio. 

The tokens can be bought or sold at any time. By trading within MCExchange they work like any other pair and you can freely decide when to enter or exit.