BTC and MCCoin withdrawals can be made from MCExchange, by accessing MCExchange from a user's account through the main menu.

Press the MCExchange option and a new tab will open in the browser for access to MCExchange.

Withdrawals can be made to an external Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet and MCcoin withdrawals to each user's personal account at Within the MCExchange  click on the "Withdrawal" tab where they can perform two actions:

You can withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) to an external wallet. To do this, select the BTC currency, add the amount and the wallet to which they wish to send BTC and press the green "Withdrawal" button.

The minimum BTC withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC and the Maximum is 2 BTC

It will show you a new dialogue where confirm the transaction with the commission fee.

You can withdraw MCcoin to the personal account at To do this,  select the MCcoin currency, add the amount they want to send and press the green "Withdraw" button.

In this case, in the wallet space, the account of each user appears by default, so they do not need to enter any data from the account since it can only send MCcoin to the personal account of each user.