Mind Capital has a powerful plan that rewards your results by referring the Mind Capital opportunity to other people and thus developing a network of distributors.

This plan rewards the volume generated by your direct referrals and the volume of the Team.

With a minimum purchase of $ 40 you will receive a percentage of the daily return obtained by the people recommended by you and those recommended by your recommended up to the 10th level. You can unlock levels for the total purchase volume of Level 1 or through team volume.

For the calculation of equipment volumes applicable to the classification by ranges, the volume of purchases existing in the first 10 levels will be taken into account.

This calculation will be made by adding the volume of all direct distributors up to 9 levels taking into account that in the event that any of these volumes exceeds 50% in value of the sum of all volumes, the part in which it exceeds will not be accounted for in the calculation.

Here is a video tutorial about the Compensation Plan - Range Opening

* All units are expressed in MCcoin