We are implementing the following procedure for reimbursement:

You can request a refund for each MCcoin purchase after 90 calendar days.

The request will be made from the purchasing section, where there will be a button to request a refund.

All refunds you request will go into a pending refund status.

Refunds requested until the 14th of the corresponding month will be returned between the 5th and 10th of the following month, to the Wallet that you indicate in the box provided for this use. If you request it from the 15th onwards, the system will compute it for the refund that will be returned the following month.

We inform you that your purchase will continue to generate profitability until the 14th of the month itself if requested between 1 and 14 and the following month if requested between 15 and 30/31 of the month.

If, as a result of a refund, an account is left without any purchase, it will stop obtaining returns and participate in the friendly bonus. The same account, you will be able to enjoy all the returns once you have a minimum purchase of 40 MCcoin.

It is important to indicate that this procedure aims to guarantee liquidity without damaging the complex process of buying, selling and rebalancing that occurs every day on the market to generate the known returns.